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About Relocate Down Under

Relocate Down Under was created to provide the best possible experience for people wishing to relocate to New Zealand. Our Licensed New Zealand Immigration Advisers put the customer first and find the best solutions to suit your needs.

At Relocate Down Under, we know what an emotional and involved experience it is to move yourself and your family to the other side of the world. Each set back feels huge and the process can feel long and drawn out.

We can help you with the part that makes your dream a reality – the visa. Applying for a visa can be tough. In fact, many people applying directly are rejected, not because they aren’t eligible, but because they have misunderstood what is needed to apply. However, our UK based visa experts can hold your hand through every step of the process.  We take the pain out or relocating, so you can focus on making the most out of your new life.

Why come with us?

  • UK based team: We are here to speak to you at a time that suits you, not New Zealand time.
  • Free eligibility assessment : Take our free assessment to see if you may be eligible for a New Zealand visa and help us understand your needs
  • First-hand experience: We have gone through the visa process and understand it from both sides
  • Personalised service: You will get a dedicated adviser who will hold your hand throughout the process
  • Competitive pricing: We provide excellent service at a competitive price, ensuring you get value for money
About Us

About Nicola

After graduating from Leeds University, Nicola spent a year travelling around the world. This inspired her love of travel, and of New Zealand in particular.

Her passion for travel led to a successful career in the travel industry, where Nicola led numerous customer-centric marketing campaigns.

Nicola set up Relocate Down Under in 2018, to be able to provide a personalised service for clients who wish to relocate to New Zealand. The business combines her immigration experience, business skills, customer focus and love of New Zealand.

Nicola holds a Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice and gained her provisional licence as a Licensed Immigration Adviser in January 2019.

She is a permanent resident of New Zealand and travels back as often as possible. Her favourite place is at the beach in Mount Maunganui.

About Us

Nicola Crome, Licence number 201801191

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