Immigration New Zealand announced today that they will be introducing changes to the Talent Accredited Employer Work Visa from 7th October 2019.

One of the most significant changes is that the minimum salary will increase from NZD $55,000 to NZD $79,560.

The main changes to the Talent Accredited Employer Work Visa, coming into effect on 7th October 2019, are:

Salary increase

The increased salary of NZD $79,560 has been set at 150% of the current New Zealand median income. It is based on a 40 hour week, which means that applicants must earn at least NZD $38.25 per hour.

If you already hold a Talent Accredited Employer Work Visa or apply before 7th October 2019, you will still only need to be earning NZD $55,000 when you apply for the Talent Accredited Employer Resident Visa.

Employers will need to renew accreditation after 24 months

Accreditation will only be granted for a 24 month period for all new applications for accreditation and renewals after 7th October 2019.

If your employer does not renew their accreditation after 24 months and you want to continue to work for them, you can, however, continue to do so.

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