Immigration New Zealand have announced that the Parent Resident Visa Category will be reopening on 24th February 2020, however there will be new requirements for applicants. Eligibility will now only be based on the sponsor and their partner’s salary, not the parent’s guaranteed lifetime income or settlement funds.

The main changes being introduced to the Parent Resident Visa Category are:

The Financial Requirements

Sponsor criteria Previous income New (expected income thresholds)
Sponsor for 1 parent NZD $65,000 NZD $106,080 2 x median salary
Sponsor for 2 parents NZD $65,000 NZD $159,120 3 x median salary
Sponsor and partner for 1 parent NZD $90,000 NZD $159,120 3 x median salary
Sponsor and partner for 2 parents NZD $90,000 NZD $212,160 4 x median salary
Guaranteed lifetime income of one parent/couple NZD $28,166 or
NZD $41,494
No longer available
Settlement funds NZD $500,000 No longer available


EOIs already submitted for a Parent Resident Visa

If you have already submitted an EOI for a Parent Resident Visa, Immigration New Zealand will email you to give you the opportunity to update the information provided in your application so that it meets the new eligibility requirements or withdraw your EOI and receive a refund.

New EOIs can be submitted from 24th February 2020 and will start to be selected from May 2020. They will be selected in the order that they were originally submitted.

For information on how to withdraw an EOI and get a refund, visit Immigration New Zealand’s website.

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