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At Relocate Down Under, we can help with all aspects of your New Zealand visa application, whether you want to work, study, join family, visit or settle down in New Zealand.  We will assess your eligibility for a visa, advise you on everything you need to include in your application, check all documentation and submit your New Zealand visa application on your behalf. And you can start the process with 3 easy steps.

Step 1 Eligibility Assessment

If you want to work in New Zealand, either temporarily or long term, the first step is to take our eligibility assessment. This way we can understand your plans and review your experience, in order to assess which visas you might be eligible to apply for.

However, if you want help with a visitor or student visa, are planning to join family in New Zealand, or if you have an immigration issue you need help resolving, drop us a line or give us a call so we can advise you on your options and how we can help.

Step 2 Written Agreement

Once we have assessed your eligibility for a visa and you have decided that you want to take things forward, we will sign a written agreement with you, outlining the details of the services we will provide for you and our fees.

Step 3 Dedicated Licensed Adviser

After that you will be appointed with a dedicated licensed adviser who will hold your hand through every step of the process, including submitting your New Zealand visa application and liaising with Immigration New Zealand on your behalf.

Take our free eligibility assessment today and start the process of making your dream of moving to New Zealand a reality.

We can help you with

  • Residence visas
  • Work visas
  • Visitor visas
  • Student visas
  • Partner visas

The visas

Residence visas

Settling in New Zealand
  • Skilled Migrant Category
  • Residence from Work
  • Partner Category
  • Dependent Child Category
  • Parent Retirement Category
  • Permanent Residence

Work visas

Working in New Zealand  temporarily
  • Essential Skills Work Visa
  • Work to Residence Visa

Student visas

Studying in New Zealand  temporarily
  • Student Visa
  • Post Study Work Visa

Visitor visas

Visiting New Zealand temporarily
  • Travelling
  • Holiday
  • Visiting friends and family
  • Visiting for business

The purpose of your visit will determine what kind for visa you can be granted

Family categories

Temporary and residence
  • Partners
  • Dependent children
  • Parents

Are your skills in demand in New Zealand?

​If your occupation is on one of the Essential Skills in Demand lists, and you have the required qualifications and experience, it may be easier for you to find and a job in New Zealand and to get a work or residence visa.
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