Latest border reopening plan

The New Zealand Government has widened the entry eligibility and eased isolation rules for travellers to New Zealand.

From 12th April 2022

From 11:59pm Tuesday 12 April, the following groups who still meet the conditions of their visa can travel to New Zealand without a border exception:

Work visa holders

Visa holders must have access to evidence that they still have a job offer or current employment when arriving in New Zealand.

Dependents of workers


Student visa holders

Visa holders must have access to evidence that they still meet the funding requirements for students and that they are studying, or will resume studying, the same course at the same education provider that their student visa was granted for.

From 1st May 2022

From 11:59pm Sunday 1 May, the following groups will also be able to travel to New Zealand without a border exception.

Dependents of workers

Visitor visa holders

Visa waiver travellers

Other information regarding travel to New Zealand

Visa conditions

Travellers must comply with all visa conditions – they can check travel and other visa conditions online.

Renewed passport

Travellers who have renewed their passport need to transfer their valid visa to their new passport before they travel to New Zealand.

Covid-19 restrictions

See the latest Covid-19 restrictions for travelling to New Zealand.

Traveller declaration

Most visa holders must be fully vaccinated to enter New Zealand. All visa holders must complete a travel declaration. 


If you want to discuss how the changes affect you and your options to travel to New Zealand, please get in touch. 

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