Immigration New Zealand have launched a new Accredited Employer search tool. This makes it easier to see which employers already have accreditation in New Zealand.

You can access the new Accredited Employer search tool here.

This tool is particularly useful for the partners of work visa holders, who are granted a work visa with the condition that they must work for an accredited employer in New Zealand.

The tool has been launched off the back of the announcement that some Partner of a Worker Work Visa holders will only be able to work for an accredited employer in New Zealand from 31st May. And they will need to earn at least the NZ median wage, currently NZ$29.66 per hour (or earn the relevant sector agreement rate).

The changes don’t impact the partners of New Zealand citizens or residents, though, who will still be able to get an open work visa, on the basis of their relationship with their NZ partner. This will allow them to work for any employer in New Zealand.

If are planning to move to New Zealand on a Work Visa and bring your partner with you, find out more details about the changes to Partner Work Visas that have been introduced.

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