From the end of January 2024, applications for Permanent Resident Visas (General), Second or Subsequent Resident Visas and Variation of Travel Conditions of a Resident Visa will be moving online.

This move is a proactive step taken by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) to accommodate the expected surge in PRV applications next year, primarily driven by the eligibility of 2021 Resident Visa applicants.

The change should help INZ to process applications more quickly, as it will reduce the need for applicants to send physical documents, like passports and forms. And applicants will be also be able to track the progress of their application online.

It’s worth noting that Partner of an Expatriate New Zealander Permanent Resident Visa applications (from those who have been living with their Kiwi partner for 5+ years outside of New Zealand) are already submitted online, and will continue to do so.

For more information or help with your visa application, get in touch.

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