From 27th November 2023, the maximum visa length for the AEWV increased from 3 to 5 years.

If you currently hold a 3-year AEWV (that you applied for before 27th November 2023) and you are paid at least the median wage, you can apply to get the balance of the longer 5-year visa.

Partners and dependent children (of the AEWV holder) can also apply for an extension of their temporary visas, in line with the AEWV holder.

Your AEWV won’t extend automatically – here’s what you need to know.


Will my employer need to apply for a new Job Check?

If you meet the following requirements, your employer will be able to reuse your job token and won’t need to submit a new Job Check:

If you don’t meet this criteria, you may be able to apply for a new AEWV (which means your employer will need to do a new Job Check).


Will there be a cost to get an extension?

The usual Immigration New Zealand application fees will apply.

At Relocate Down Under, we will offer discounted rates, on our fees, to help our clients submit an application for an extension.


What about partners and children?

If you meet the requirements for an AEWV extension, your partner and dependent children are also eligible for a further visa. They will need to meet the usual visa requirements and pay the usual fees for their applications.

It is worth noting that the conditions for partners of AEWV holders changed in May 2023. If your partner applied before 31st May 2023 and was granted an open work visa, their new work visa may have additional restricted conditions. We can advise if this will affect  your partner.


How to apply for an extension

Your employer will need to login to their Immigration New Zealand account and send you (or your Licensed Immigration Adviser) a request to apply for the balance.

INZ have advised that they will only start processing an application for an extension, when your existing AEWV is within 9 months of expiring, so there is no rush to apply.

However, there may be reasons for you to apply earlier, for example if your medical or police certificates are due to expire.


What if my AEWV expires before my extension has been processed?

In the unlikely situation that your current AEWV expires before INZ complete your extension application, you will be eligible for an interim visa to stay and continue your job for up to 6 months.


If you want help with your AEWV extension, get in touch. We’d be happy to help.

Get an AEWV extension to continue to work in New Zealand

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