Significant changes to the Accredited Employer Work Visa

The New Zealand Government has announced significant changes to the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) scheme, which are in place from today (7th April 2024). Current AEWV holders These changes do not impact AEWV holder’s current visa conditions or length, but may impact how long they can stay in New Zealand. They don’t impact already […]

Wage increase for AEWV paused

The New Zealand Government has announced they will paused the planned increase of the median wage rate for the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) that was due to be introduced in February 2024. This means that the current wage rate of NZ$29.66 per hour will stay in place for most AEWVs. And the Care Workforce […]

Accredited Employer Work Visa extensions

From 27th November 2023, the maximum visa length for the AEWV increased from 3 to 5 years. If you currently hold a 3-year AEWV (that you applied for before 27th November 2023) and you are paid at least the median wage, you can apply to get the balance of the longer 5-year visa. Partners and […]

List of qualifications exempt from assessment updated

The “List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment” is a list which compares overseas qualifications to comparable New Zealand qualifications. If your qualification appears on this list, you do not need to pay for an International Qualifications Assessment (IQA) through the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) for your resident visa application, which can be both time […]

New median wage from February 2024

The New Zealand median wage will be increasing to NZ$36.61 per hour from February 2024 (currently NZ$29.66 per hour). This is going to impact a number of visas which have wage thresholds based on the median wage, including the Accredited Employer Work Visa, Skilled Migrant Category Visa, and some occupations in the Green List or […]

Changes to Accredited Employer Work Visas

From November 2023, the maximum duration of an Accredited Employer Work Visa will be extended from 3 years to 5 years After spending 5 years on an AEWV, you will need to spend 12 months outside of New Zealand, unless you are on a pathway to residence or have a residence application pending. Existing AEWV […]

New Zealand median wage increase

On 27th February 2023 the New Zealand median wage is increasing to NZD $29.66. This will impact the criteria to be eligible for an Accredited Employer Work Visa, and other visas (including the Skilled Migrant Work Visa, the Green List and Highly Paid Resident Visas) which also have median wage-related criteria. AEWV Job Checks If […]

Job Change enabled for Accredited Employer Work Visas

Immigration New Zealand have introduced the ability to apply for a variation of conditions (VOC), known as a  Job Change, for Accredited Employer Work Visas (AEWVs). You can apply for a Job Change to change your employer, job, location or a combination of these. Your employer will need to be accredited and have a valid job […]

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