The New Zealand Government has announced significant changes to the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) scheme, which are in place from today (7th April 2024).

Current AEWV holders

These changes do not impact AEWV holder’s current visa conditions or length, but may impact how long they can stay in New Zealand. They don’t impact already submitted applications but will apply to new Job Check and AEWV applications from 7th April 2024. This includes new applications even when the Job Check was approved before 7th April 2024.

Shorter visa lengths and maximum stays 

From 7th April 2024, some new AEWV applicants in ANZSCO level 4 or 5 occupations will receive shorter visas (of 2 years) and have a reduced maximum continuous stay in New Zealand (of 3 years) on an AEWV.

The reduced maximum continuous stay will also apply to some current AEWV holders working in ANZSCO level 4 or 5 occupations. Although their current visa length will not change, they will no longer be able to apply for the balance of the five-year AEWV (which was introduced last year).

However, the following ANZSCO level 4 and 5 roles will not be affected by the changes:


The length of an AEWV and maximum continuous stay for people in ANZSCO level 1 to 3 jobs will stay at 5 years.

Extra requirements for new AEWV applicants 

From 7th April 2024, all new AEWV applicants will be required to meet a new minimum skill threshold and provide evidence of relevant qualifications and work experience to do the job that they have applied for.

Unless your role is on the Green List and meets the Green List role requirements, or is paid least twice the median wage, you must now have:


Any migrants in ANZSCO level 4 or 5 occupations will now need to meet a minimum standard of English.

Increased requirements for employers 

There are new requirements employers must meet when advertising and hiring migrants on an AEWV.

Employers wanting to hire into roles at ANZSCO level 4 and 5 now need to:


If an employer does not hire a New Zealand applicant who was suitable and available, then the Job Check will be declined.

New accreditation requirements 

Employers must now tell INZ if a migrant leaves their job before their visa expires. They must also ensure they provide the migrant at least 30 hours of work each week, or their accreditation can be revoked.

Processing times

These changes are likely to impact AEWV processing times.

More information

Further details of the changes can be found on INZ’s website.


If you want to know how the changes impact you, then get in touch with us.

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