More roles added to Green List in March 2024

There will be 17 new roles added to the Green List in March 2024. The roles include: Aviation Engineer (Avionics, Aeronautical, Aerospace Engineer) Naval Architects (aka Marine Designer) Mechanical Engineering Technician ICT Database and System Administrator Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Road Roller Operator Paving Plant Operator Corrections Officer Metal Fabricator Pressure Welder Welder Fitter (General) Fitter […]

Expansion of the Green List from March 2023

Tier 2 of the Green List will expand significantly in March 2023. The following roles will have a work to residence pathway, which will allow you to apply for residence after working in the role for 2 years in New Zealand: All secondary school teachers (in addition to the secondary school teaching roles already included […]

More health care roles added to the Green List

A number of health care roles, including specialist doctor roles, registered nurse roles and midwives, have been added to the the Tier 1 of the Green List, enabling them to apply for the Straight to Residence Visa. The new roles include: Specialist Physicians (General Medicine) Cardiologists Clinical Haemoatologists Medical Oncologists Endocrinologists Gastroenterologists Intensive Care Specialists […]

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